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Our name says it all. We love happy pets and we want your pets to be happy. It's our mission. 


You want the best for your pets. Trusting them to a professional pet sitter gives you peace of mind and heart. As professional pet sitters and members of Pet Sitters International you can relax knowing your pets are in the best hands possible. 


We are:

  • background checked

  • licensed, bonded, insured

  • certified in pet first aid and CPR


Our approach is simple we shower your pets with love, treats, walks, brushing...whatever makes them happy. This, in turn, makes happy owners who know their pets are getting personalized care.. 

Happy Pets, Pet Sitting was founded in 2020 by Lisa Botts, who laid the groundwork of love and compassion that the company has become known for. Kathleen Atkins and Frances Martinez are thrilled to be stepping in as the new owners of this beautiful company. They are partners in life and now in business. They are both animal lovers who are here to help keep your pets happy one pet sit at a time. 

We donate a percentage of EVERY service to support the Palm Springs Animal Shelter


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